After moving to San Antonio in 2002 we eventually decided this was the place to retire. Soon thereafter we also decided we would, for the first time in our lives after having lived in numerous "tract" homes, venture into the world of a custom built home. Needless to say, we were apprehensive about this decision because we did not definitely know at that time the type of home we wanted to build, how to go about the task of finding a reliable builder, and because we had heard both good, and not so good, stories from others about their experiences with custom building and custom builders.

In order to help reduce some of the apprehension, we diligently started researching on the internet and talked to others about finding a builder in the area where we wanted to live. We received a recommendation about "Damuth Homes", a builder near Canyon Lake. We read through the Damuth Homes web page, reviewed their portfolio and decided after looking at other builders to contact them about the possibility of building us our first custom home. Unqualifiedly, that was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Here's why.

Initially, we were impressed with the Damuth Homes web site. They talked about things like, "...we coordinate supervision of projects to maximize our individual strengths; this results in our clients getting the best home for their money.", and "...we are committed to excellence in all we do. We like people, and we are eager to involve them in the home design and building process. In addition, we value honesty, we talk straight, and we build superior products. We do not always tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to know." We thereafter met with Gary Damuth to discuss our plans. He then and there took us around to several homes they were building in various stages of construction. We immediately saw the superior quality of their work, the attention to detail, and heard from Gary Damuth the genuine interest he took in us and our plans. Later we met Gary's son Lance (another wonderful experience). Based upon our initial meetings and discussions, we decided to contract for their services and with their help, planned and constructed our dream home.

Thanks to Gary and Lance Damuth, our entire custom home building experience was positive. They were incredibly helpful to us the entire time. They continuously consulted with us and kept us involved during all stages of the planning and construction process, always drawing upon their expertise to guide and assist us with the numerous (sometimes quite difficult) decisions (e.g. paint colors, outside wall materials, fixtures advice, landscaping and so on) we had to make. Additionally, throughout the entire process, we both felt Gary and Lance Damuth genuinely cared about us and what we were trying to achieve.

The words honesty, integrity, reliability, outstanding communications and guidance, superior design and workmanship, acute attention to detail, and highest quality building materials, are just a few of the words we would use to describe Gary and Lance Damuth and the type of work they do. We give Damuth Homes our highest recommendation.