Damuth Homes, Inc., a Canyon Lake Tradition,
built from the ground up.

The history of any successful company is usually rooted in a rich past marked by a clear sense of values and determination that drive the vision for the organization. Damuth Homes, Inc., of Sattler, Texas, is a living example of this fact.

In 1954, the seeds of quality and integrity in custom home building were planted. At the time a father, Tom Damuth, began showing his 6 year old son, Gary, the basic elements of home construction: digging foundation beams, melting lead for cast iron pipe fittings, carrying lumber in the coastal plains mud around Bay City, Texas.

As a full-time employee of Marathon Oil Company, Tom Damuth built custom homes as a side occupation to help support his growing family. Tom lined his sons up to help him; after he cut materials, the boys would assemble them. Tom's desire for a perfect product soon taught the boys to have an eye for detail and a determination to do excellent work, no matter how small the task.

The eldest son, Gary Damuth, left the coastal area and completed a B.S. degree at Texas A&M University and a MS degree at Texas Tech University in Urban and Regional Planning.

Gary and his family moved to Victoria where, after working in a governmental planning agency for several years, he started back in the home building business as a construction superintendent. Purchasing the company in 1979, Gary renamed the company Damuth Homes, Inc. That year he introduced his 10 year old son, Lance, to the home building industry.

In addition to clearing job sites and digging ditches, Lance showed interest in learning the finer points of construction from his father. When home building slowed, Gary and Lance simply shifted their focus to light commercial and steel buildings.

In 1986, Gary moved to the Canyon Lake area where he re-established his custom home building business. Lance and Gary worked on one home at a time from the ground up with younger son, Lee, picking up sticks and hammering nails at 4 years of age.

After graduating from Southwest Texas State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a concentration in management, Lance began to work full time with Damuth Homes while beginning his MBA program.

Soon, however, father's and son's complimentary business and people skills had helped the business grow to such an extent that Lance stopped his masters program to concentrate on the business, that in 1995 produced 10 custom homes at a total dollar volume of just over $2 million. Over the years projects have ranged from weekend retreats to million dollar ranch homes.

As father and son, we are committed to excellence in all we do. We like people, and we are eager to involve them in the home design and building process. In addition, we value honesty, we talk straight, and we build superior products. We do not always tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to know.

As partners, we coordinate supervision of projects to maximize our individual strengths; this results in our clients getting the best home for their money.

As second and third generation home builders, we are proud of the quality and integrity that Damuth Homes is known for. We praise God for godly parents who instilled Christian values, a sound work ethic, and personal self-discipline, that help us provide an excellent product and quality service to our clients.

Simply stated, our goal is to be the best custom home builder a client could hire. We work actively to accomplish this goal as we address each project with the following pledge: we take great pleasure in working with people to develop their homesite. Each property and family are special to us. Property and family characteristics are unique and should be studied and planned for, so that they may be incorporated into the total design of the home to accentuate the function and beauty of the family, home and surroundings.